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Will a Shale Gas Boom in Ohio Revive the State's Manufacturing Fortunes?

November 7, 2012

Ohio had been the focus of much attention in the past few months primarily because it was a pivotal swing state in the presidential election that ended last night with President Barack Obama winning both the key battleground and reelection. Now that the race is over, attention is expected to ramp up on the potential natural gas boom in the state, thanks to shale gas exploration, which could produce a dramatic change in Ohio manufacturing, adding desperately needed jobs. The Ohio House of Representatives' 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force recently held a hearing at a DuPont facility in Circleville, Ohio, in which the CEO of the American Chemistry Council, Cal Dooley, spoke excitedly about shale gas and its opportunities. "Ohio can serve as a model for states planning to reduce energy costs and create a competitive advantage for local manufacturers by expanding natural gas production," Dooley said. "Ohio is uniquely positioned to capitalize on shale gas development that will kick-start its economy, rejuvenate the industrial base and create thousands of jobs." Read More