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Introducing Documoto: A Cloud-based Electronic Parts Catalog

October 26, 2015

Documoto, a cloud-based electronic parts database, is calling out to OEMs everywhere in need of easier storage, editing and sharing of their parts catalogs. Within Documoto, electronic parts catalogs can be searched by serial, model or part numbers. Illustrated parts lists depict all of this information, plus... Read More

Industry Market Trends

Compressed Metal Grain Adds Strength to Drill Pipe

October 20, 2015

Cold root thread rolling reduces costly failures in oil and gas applications. Read More

Industry Market Trends

Please Note: Our Refocus on Product News

December 15, 2014

The next time ThomasNet News hits your inbox, the format will be somewhat different than what you see here. To bring you timely information on new product developments specific to your interests and industry, we’ll be delivering customizable Product News Alerts, on your preferred delivery schedule. Simply choose... Read More

Industry Market Trends

Little-Known Federal Legislation to Create Manufacturing Hubs Included in Spending Bill

December 12, 2014

While the federal budget and its more controversial riders are commanding the lion’s share of attention, the American public may not have noticed a piece of little-known but highly bipartisan legislation called the “Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Innovation Act” (RAMI) that is present in the budget bill set... Read More

Industry Market Trends

Editor's Note: Wrapping Up Manufacturing’s Future

December 9, 2014

The season of gift giving and receiving is fast coming upon us, and rather than getting caught up in the “it” toy or game of the moment, we as manufacturing and industrial professionals have an opportunity to make a real impact on the young people in our lives with the presents we choose. How? It starts with the... Read More

Industry Market Trends

New York City Takes Steps to Incubate Wearable Fashion and Technology Epicenter

December 5, 2014

Wearable tech often brings to mind clunky, super-hero gadgetry: Dick Tracy’s wrist radio, for example, or Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone. The earliest incarnations of commercial wearable technology are, indeed, a bit hard to miss: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch could possibly be called “clunky.” As wearable technology gets... Read More

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The Role of Scorecards and Dashboards in Performance Management

December 1, 2014

Success in performance management requires measures, standards, and outcomes that support the organization’s vision, mission, objectives, and competitiveness.  Communicating, aligning, managing, and connecting all of the pieces are a challenge for any organization. All departmental and staff goals need to be... Read More