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Friday Focus: A Local Visit with Festo on Manufacturing Day

Oct 04, 2013

Festo Corporation, a global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, is playing host today, Oct. 4, to representatives of government, universities, and business associations to celebrate the second annual national Manufacturing Day.

IMT Career Journal will also be on the scene at Festo's headquarters in Hauppauge, N.Y., as the company presents two events for the public that highlight automation technology and careers in manufacturing.

With reshoring efforts picking up as costs of labor rise in Asia and elsewhere, Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is an opportunity to showcase the importance of U.S. industry and its impact on the economy, said Frank Langro, Festo's director of marketing and product management.

"The industry index is above 50 percent, and a lot of jobs hinge on [the state of] manufacturing," he said, adding that automation is a key part of manufacturing's continued growth.

Langro and other company representatives of Festo intend to highlight developments in automation during a facility tour that includes an information session at a production area, a handling automation technology lab, a process automation lab, and an overview of mobile extensions.

Human resources directors Neil Friedburg and Mindy Kirsch will be on hand to explain training and recruitment efforts, as well as Festo's partnerships with local schools.

Festo Didactic is the center of the company's training efforts. The company provides industry-oriented training solutions, with services that cover such skills areas as technology, organization, and productivity orientation.

Festo's efforts for educating and training the future workforce are widespread. One initiative is support for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, as the company has supported the FIRST Robotics Program since its launch in 2000.

"Students competing at all levels have kits equipped with Festo parts," Langro said.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, the company will host a separate tour that focuses on high school and college students with an emphasis on careers.

On hand today are Nassau County executive Edward Mangano and Hauppauge legislator John Kennedy. Representatives from Adelphi University, Stony Brook University, Farmingdale College, SUNY Suffolk, and Long Island University also plan to attend, as are the Long Island Forum of Technology, the School Business Partnerships of Long Island, and the German American Chamber of Commerce.

Check back here on IMT Career Journal for videos from the event today.