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High School Kids 'Step Up' to Cleantech Challenges

Sep 24, 2013

feetThe inspiring story of four high school students with a desire to "help people" is the focus of GE's latest Focus Forward video series. Twin brothers Cameron and Tanner Love along with Savannah Morgan and Danny Morrow came up with the idea to develop a mat that could harness the energy of people's footsteps. A device like that, the kids speculate, could power a school or hospital or even a city block -- anywhere foot traffic is frequent and dense.

They worked with their coach and teacher Barbara Morrow and engineer John Gunn to develop a working prototype. However, the device was unable to power much more than a refrigerator.  Feeling unsatisfied and wanting to make a world impact, they decided to package the device with a SteriPEN, which could be charged by the mat and used in Third World countries where drinking water is scarce. 

See the full video below.