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Own the Future

Jun 25, 2013

In Own the Future, the authors share 50 years of insights into what makes companies successful, and ultimately provide a roadmap that can help businesses be more competitive. 

The world faces social, political, and economic turmoil on an unprecedented scale-along with unsettling levels of turbulence and volatility. Market leadership today is less of a predictor of leadership tomorrow. Therefore, senior executives today must strive to own the future.

In Own the Future, The Boston Consulting Group, one of the world's most prestigious and innovative management consulting firms, offers a roadmap. Drawing on the firm's experience advising organizations on how to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, this book offers 50 ideas to help readers chart their organization's path to future leadership. The articles are organized along ten attributes critical to success in the current environment-adaptive, global, connected, sustainable, customer-first, fit to win, value-driven, trusted, bold, and inspiring.

The future may be unknowable, but The Boston Consulting Group offers insights from its 50 years of practice on how readers can position their organization to win-to change the game and to own the future.