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Goodyear Joins Suppliers Partnership

February 13, 2012

Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) joins automobile OEMs, their suppliers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve the environment while providing value throughout the automobile supply chain. SP provides a forum for small, mid-sized and large automotive suppliers to work together, learn from each other and share environmental best practices.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is the newest member of SP, joining companies such as Chrysler, Ford, GM, BAE Industries, Denso, and Johnson Controls. The mission of SP is to improve sustainability while providing economic value to the automotive supply chain through strategic action and engagement.

"We are pleased to welcome Goodyear to SP," said SP's Chair, Randy Leslie, Vice President and General Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc., Automotive Experience. "Goodyear's commitment to creating a foundation of sustainability and working with its suppliers to minimize its environmental footprint will be an excellent asset for SP's members as we work together to improve environmental performance while increasing value throughout the automobile supply chain."

SP brings together companies across the manufacturing sector into "Work Groups" to address issues that impact the environment and manufacturing. The current SP Work Groups focus on:

  • Chemical Issues Management
  • Energy and Water
  • Materials Efficiency
  • Technology and Networking

"Goodyear is pleased to be part of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment," said Goodyear's David Chapman. "As a company and industry participant, Goodyear is actively addressing sustainability issues and looks forward to combining the experience and environmental leadership of SP's member companies with that of Goodyear's Global Sustainability Team as we work on key issues such as materials optimization, operational efficiency and reducing energy use in our supply chain."

SP holds quarterly meetings at locations across the U.S. Companies that supply goods or services to an automotive manufacturer or parts supplier are welcome to attend one of SP's quarterly meetings as a guest of SP. For information on upcoming meetings, see the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment website.



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