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Waste Management Launches Tool to Track Environmental Performance

Nov 28, 2011

DART is aiming to help project planners, contractors, architects and building owners measure their green performance during a construction, renovation, and demolition project.  The Diversion and Recycling Tracking (DART) tool created by Waste Management will also provide documentation to support LEEDŽ certification.

Sustainable building practices include reusing and recycling material, which can become a time-consuming process to manage. Diverting traditional construction and demolition items such as wood, rock, metal, cardboard, and plastic from a landfill and reusing other items (shingles, concrete, fiberboard and paneling) will increase the green performance of the builder and the job. The Waste Management DART tool streamlines the process of calculating total diversion by:

- Measuring recycling and diversion easily

- Setting clear benchmarks for companies to exceed on future projects, contributing to sustainable operations long-term

- Allowing builders to promote their environmental performance

The DART tool also includes personalized "green facts" that illustrate environmental performance; results 24/7 from every project level - individual, company and Metropolitan Statistical Area; graphs and charts displaying diversion and recycling rates.

"Success is only meaningful if it can be measured," said Jim Halter, vice president of construction solutions for Waste Management. "With the DART tool, contractors and architects can really zero in on what they are diverting and where there is opportunity to improve. We are not just tracking performance for the present, but also setting benchmarks to be surpassed in the future."

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