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Product Spotlight: Recessed Lighting Fixture Insulation Solution

September 27, 2011

Recessed lighting fixtures, also known as canned lighting or high hats, are in almost every home or office building. It is estimated that there are currently over 500 million fixtures in use today. They are clean looking but are notorious for being big energy wasters because of a lack of insulation. EcoCycle Solutions has a fix that is a safe, effective, and economical insulation solution to address energy loss and waste in attics and ceilings.

Patent pending CanCoverIt™ is a non-IC can light insulation cover that provides an effective insulation barrier, conserving up to 98% of the energy that would otherwise be lost. Make-shift barriers are labor intensive, costly, and ineffective. Some may even be fire hazards.  The design of CanCoverIT provides an insulation barrier and manages airflow and heat transfer that eliminates conditioned air loss into the attic while it safely vents excess heat away to prevent dangerous heat build-up. CanCoverIt™ creates a dynamic thermal equilibrium chamber that controls conduction and convection to provide up to 98% more efficient energy conservation.

CanCoverIt is customizable for tight fits and creates a seal that keeps attic insulating material, dirt and pests away from the light fixtures.  CanCoverIt™ offers an immediate, actionable energy conservation tool for homeowners, insulation contractors and green industry companies. CanCoverIt™ is acknowledged by the Center for Sustainable Energy in San Diego to be practical, environmentally conscious solution for addressing non-IC lights that conserves energy and helps reduce grid demand.

Please visit the website, to view installation videos and learn more.


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