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Landfill Gases Put to Good Use by the Government

March 11, 2011

Finally, a use for all the stink that comes out of the government. Unfortunately this is far from Washington and doesn't involve capping off any Politian's mouths. The gas here is landfill gas at a military installation and its conversion into a renewable energy source.

FlexEnergy is a cleantech company that turns harmful greenhouse gases into clean energy and they will be installing their Powerstation™ technology at Fort Benning, GA to convert landfill gas into renewable energy. FlexEnergy will deliver two Powerstations in collaboration with Southern Research Institute (SRI) through the Department of Defense's ESTCP (Environmental Security Technology Certification Program).

"The Department of Defense is at the forefront of deploying breakthrough technologies. The installation of the Flex Powerstation at Fort Benning, GA enables the Army to generate its own continuous, clean, renewable energy from an on base landfill," said Joseph Perry, CEO of FlexEnergy.

The near-zero emissions Flex Powerstation offers a small footprint while operating on gases down to 50 BTU. Running of a wide range of fuels, the Powerstation can run on methane as low as 1.5%. The 250 kW Powerstation installed at Fort Benning is expected to produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 250 homes.


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