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Cereal Gets More Sustainable

November 30, 2010

In continuing the goal of corporate sustainability, General Mills has updated their goals for 2015.  The company's four new environmental sustainability goals include reducing water use, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and cutting solid waste by 50%.

As outlined in the Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 Report published earlier this year, General Mills is committed to reducing energy use and improving their environmental performance and has already met the goals set in the last 5-year plan.  Setting a U.S. transportation goal of reducing the amount of fuel used to ship each pound of product fiscal 2015 would reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions generated in shipping by 35%.

The company is also actively powering plants with renewable resources such as solar and biofuel.  The Methuen, MA warehouse is using a solar power system that will supply 80% of the power needs in the summer and 40% during the rest of the year. The company's first biomass -powered plant in Fridley MN will use oat hulls left over from Cheerios production as fuel. The biomass burner will reduce the plant's carbon footprint by 21% and save more than $500,000 in natural gas costs.

In the area of sustainable agriculture, General Mills is striving to source 100% of the needed palm oil from responsible and sustainable sources by 2015.


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