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Product Spotlight: Enxsuite Energy Performance Management Platform

November 26, 2010

ENXSUITE has developed a comprehensive Energy Performance Management platform that enables companies to continuously plan, analyze, and manage their entire energy and sustainability footprint. The solution not only meets the needs of facilities managers by providing them with comprehensive data management and reporting capabilities, but also meets the needs of sustainability executives by providing business intelligence dashboards that visualize an organization's energy performance and its impact on the bottom line.

A recently released upgrade of the software incorporates smart grid and building management capabilities into the technology, which aims to help companies tie together all aspects of business operations. With the ability to integrate with business systems and automate the process of energy performance management, companies can better track energy performance against sustainability and financial goals. The upgrade also includes and energy portfolio manager for tracking resource use from water to carbon to electricity, and the ability to automatically gather and incorporate bills from utility companies.

Currently deployed at 12,000 facilities, the platform is  currently managing over $1.2 billion in energy for organizations in more than 40 countries around the world, helping them reduce energy costs, find new revenue opportunities, and track business performance against sustainability goals. Prominent global Fortune 500 companies and organizations include Sears, Northrop Grumman, Morgan Stanley, the City of Chicago, Apollo Group, and many more.


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