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Government Grants Fund Creation of Safer Plastic

October 25, 2010

PlastiPure, a technology company focused on developing safe plastics materials and products has received three grants for formulation of a replacement for polycarbonate that is free of estrogenic activity (EA-Free).  Compounds with estrogenic activity may be harmful to humans.

 Two grants from National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety (a division of the NIH) and a grant from the National Science Foundation will fund creation of EA-Free flexible food packaging and baby bottles.

"These NIEHS and NSF funds continue to validate our innovative technology and will allow us to expand our development of PlastiPure-Safe™ EA-Free material and products," said Mike Usey, PlastiPure CEO. "Consumers want the safest, most sustainable, and most versatile goods possible. PlastiPure's certified EA-Free products are vastly superior to current market solutions that use BPA-free plastics, glass, or metal materials, providing families with healthy, green, and convenient solutions."

PlastiPure has two EA-Free products on the market today: the WaterGeeks EA-Free bottle and the PUREBOT by Hydrapak. The new grants will help PlastiPure "rapidly and completely develop for commercialization an EA-Free baby bottle to address an important public health problem: ingestion by infants of chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA) or anti-EA leaching from multiple components of baby bottles, including the bottle, anticolic devices, nipple, sealing rings, etc."


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