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U.S. EPA Sets International Priorities

August 30, 2010

Recognizing that environmental stewardship is a global responsibility, at the annual meeting of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson announced EPA's six international priorities for working with global partners on environmental issues. "It is our vision that by working with global partners we can advance our shared priorities, including adapting to climate change, ensuring national security, facilitating commerce, promoting sustainable development, protecting vulnerable populations and engaging diplomatically around the world," stated Jackson.

Specifically, the six priorities include:

Building strong environmental institutions and legal structures to enforce environmental protections.

Combating climate change by limiting pollutants. The EPA will promote global strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, in particular methane from landfills and black carbon from cookstoves,  that are damaging in especially vulnerable regions such as the Himalayan glaciers and the Arctic.

Improving air quality, especially urban air quality in rapidly developing cities and communities.

Expanding access to clean water. The EPA will support global partners and regions in creating safe and efficient drinking-water and wastewater treatment systems.

Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, particularly mercury and lead. The EPA will also work with global partners to reduce or eliminate the impact of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Cleaning Up E-Waste, especially in developing countries where improper disposal can threaten local people and the environment.


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