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Will Plug-and-Play Solar Power Be the Next Big Thing?

Aug 27, 2010

On the R&D front, Clarian Power Inc. is developing a solar power system that you just literally plug into an AC power outlet to automatically generate power whenever the sun is shining. Targeted for release in 2011, the Sunfish™ solar module is intended to help homeowners and small businesses slow down the power meter - it is expected that the 200W Sunfish™ will produce enough clean, renewable energy to offset the lighting in an average home, and the larger 1 kW version will produce enough electricity to power a home's electronics or offset the power used by household appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave oven.

The Sunfish™ is constructed with built-in circuit protection and does not require a dedicated electrical panel, so no complicated installation or additional wiring is required. It can be installed on the side or rooftop of a home or small building, and the expected cost of the 200 W version is between $599-$799 with a payback of 3-4 years (or less). It also incorporates web-based tracking and monitoring features with onboard Wi-Fi for upload of data directly into Google PowerMeter. The Sunfish uses UL certified components and meets all safety and certification requirements required by local power utilities, and the design ensures that power supplied will be phase-matched to the power supplied by local power utilities.

Forward thinking solar power enthusiasts can pre-order one today from the company website.