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Sustainability Spotlight: NetApp Closes the Loop on E-Waste

Aug 26, 2010

NetApp, Inc., a leading provider of data storage systems and software, was selected to receive the 2010 Infinity Arrow Award for Service and Take-Back. Presented by the California Product Stewardship Council, the award recognized NetApp for their innovative electronic waste recycling program.

NetApp focuses on providing customers with energy efficient data storage, management, protection, and retention solutions that enable them to do more with less. They have also created a service and take back program that minimizes the waste generated from their products through a comprehensive electronic waste recycling program. For more than 5 years this program has achieved a landfill diversion rate generally over 99% for all of their products. 

Net App arranges for devices to be picked up from the customer's site, and then works with recycling partner AER Worldwide to handle disassembling, processing, and recycling of 58 different commodity materials within the product. Those commodities are then repurposed and placed back into the supply chain markets. Net App also takes back competitor's products, as well as all packaging materials.

Cleaning up e-waste is an emerging global problem, as it is often discarded in developing countries where improper disposal and primitive recycling methods can threaten local people and the environment.  The EPA recently recognized e-waste as one of its top priorities for action on the global front. The NetApp program is one way the electronics industry can take responsibility to help mitigate this serious issue.