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Product Spotlight: Web Based Service Optimizes PC Power Usage

Aug 25, 2010

New Boundary Technologies® has launched the PwrSmart™ Service, a web-based PC power management solution that promises to deliver energy cost savings by applying power management settings to PCs and enforcing those settings, even if end-users try to disable or change them. It allows users to schedule complete PC shut downs, hibernations, and wake-up events based on work schedules and maintenance. Analytic dashboards display graphs and charts showing energy savings calculations, ongoing optimization of energy usage, and provide comprehensive reporting for energy rebate and sustainability programs.

Addressing the needs of facility managers, finance directors and corporate sustainability officers, PwrSmart Service is delivered through a web browser, requires no up-front infrastructure investment, and is compliant with the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR requirements for PC power management solutions. It offers pre-packaged or customizable PC power management schemes to facilitate set-up, and the interactive interface provides real-time PC energy savings and is accessible from any web browser with a Silverlight plug-in.

Full details can be found on the New Boundary Technologies website, along with a power savings calculator to help determine expected savings. The company is also offering a free 30-day trial of this new service.