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New Carpet from DESSO Keeps Indoor Air Cleaner

June 25, 2010

Carpet manufacturer DESSO has introduced a new type of carpet that was specifically developed to improve the air quality inside buildings. AirMaster® works by reducing the amount of potentially harmful allergy-producing particles by safely trapping and immobilizing them.

The carpet's structure incorporates a high pile made of ultra fine yarn filaments that capture and retain particulate matter less than 10 ?m in size, and a second, lower pile made of thicker yarns that captures coarser dust.  AirMaster® carpet was shown to be eight times more effective in trapping particulate matter than hard floors and four times more effective than a standard carpet, according to a study done by GUI.* Independent tests done by Phillips Floor care also found that AirMaster® released 80 percent of trapped dust during vacuum cleaning, a 16 percent improvement compared to standard carpet.

Intended for use in offices, hospitals, schools and other public buildings, AirMaster® hopes to provide health benefits that other flooring solutions can't.

*GUI is an independent German testing institute that specializes in analyzing indoor and outdoor air quality. The GUI study compared AirMaster® with a standard PVC hard floor and a standard structured loop-pile carpet. The test used particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10?m.

DESSO is a leading manufacturer of high quality carpet tiles and broadloom carpets and has been in operation for almost 80 years. It has factories in The Netherlands and Belgium and exports worldwide.


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