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Engineering Jobs Specialize, Require More Communication, Collaboration

Nov 07, 2006

A shift toward engineering specialization has prompted the need for increased communication and has led to more "collaborative" jobs. Why? Here Control Engineering senior editor Jeanine Katzel looks at the reasons "why" before discussing energy security and the growing concern over energy's role in supporting global growth.

A shift towards engineering specialization has prompted increased communication needs and led to more "collaborative" jobs. Why? Imminent retirement of baby boomers, a shortage a graduate engineers, and the changing role of the workforce are reasons, according to Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal president and CEO. He was among speakers at "New Ideas for Peak Performance," SmartSignal's recent Summit 2006 conference. Other issues discussed at the two-day event included an aging workforce, collaborative employees, energy supply and demand issues, and innovative technologies. The third annual running of the two-day event, held at Chicago's Swiss