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Tube Production System processes 5,000 pieces per hour.

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April 1, 2014 - Equipped with twin machining head that fits onto standard head, ACS® + CFMtwin can cut 2 tube or bar sections simultaneously, then machine both ends of both workpieces, also simultaneously. When in twin mode, machine can process 2 workpieces of 10–41.5 mm OD each into finished lengths from 10–1,500 mm. When twin head is removed, standard machining head can process single workpiece up to 105 mm OD. Machine and all auxiliary workstations are motion-controlled by CNC from single operator station.

Original Press Release

Rattunde Unveils New ACS + CFMtwin Machine

Press release date: March 24, 2014

Major German supplier of  finished length tube and solid bar processing equipment offers dual tube cutting and finishing in one setup; produces up to 5000 pieces per hour with up to 40% energy savings

Rattunde Corporation, a German-based manufacturer of finished length tube and solid bar production, today announces the introduction of the ACS® + CFMtwin machine, the newest member in the company’s family of tube production systems.  Equipped with a specially-designed twin machining head that fits onto the standard head, this new machine can cut two tube or bar sections simultaneously, then machines both ends of both workpieces, also simultaneously.   This new Rattunde machine can produce up to 5000 finished pieces per hour.  The option also exists for single tube or bar production on the same machine. 

The ACS® + CFMtwin machine, when in twin mode, can process two workpieces of 10mm to 41.5mm OD each into finished lengths from 10mm to 1500mm.  Example:  21mm OD x 3.5mm wall x 45mm length cut from a 6.5 meter mill length of stock material, based on carbon steel.  When the twin head is removed, the standard machining head can process a single workpiece up to 105mm OD.  

In addition to the twin workpiece processing, this new Rattunde machine offers the OEM or production house all the capabilities found on Rattunde’s ACS® family of tube and bar production systems, including secondary brush deburring, end machining (chamfering and facing), inspection, washing, drying and robotic packaging.  The entire machine and all auxiliary workstations are motion-controlled by CNC from a single operator station for maximum efficiency.  The ACS® + CFMtwin is built on the same platform as the existing and popular Rattunde ACS® + CFM and ACS + CFMcurve systems. 

Other standard features on this new Rattunde machine include data management on all workpiece parameters (approx. 10,000 workpieces), data logging of every part produced for full part traceability, material lead and end edge detection for minimized crop cut and tag end.  All operating limits are set from the control panel, with continuous tool break monitoring for the saw blade and all cutting tools.  

Even when processing in twin mode, the setup time for a new job can be under 15 minutes, according to Rattunde engineering.  

Alec Banish, director of business development at the company, states, “This new machine clearly gives us a decided advantage in the market for high-production requirements.  Plus, with the standard machining head still in place on the machine, the ACS® + CFMtwin can be a highly flexible, adaptable production system for many types of manufacturing operations as well as a wide variety of end product producers.”  

Because the machine offers essentially double the production in the same machine footprint, up to 40% energy savings have been documented on a 25mm OD x 3mm wall x 42mm long piece from a stock length of 6 meters in a typical batch count of 45,000.  

For more information on this new machine, please contact: 
4980 Kendrick Street SE 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
Phone:  616-940-3340
Fax:  616-940-2771
Attention:  Richard Stadler or Alec Banish  


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