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Server Motherboard offers 12 Gbps SAS-3 connectors.

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January 9, 2014 - In addition to offering 6 SATA ports, E3C224D4M-16RE adopts LSI™ SAS 3008 controller and 3X24R expander to support 16 SAS-3 (12 Gbps) ports directly onboard with 4 SAS HD connectors. Mezzanine slot enables upgrades to 10GLAN, while ECC memory lends to stability. Solution enables businesses to create solutions for intractable data bottlenecks in big data/network storage, ERP/MRP, network/security, and Web farm/hosting environments.

ASRock Inc - taipen city, Taiwan

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The World's First 12G SAS-3 Motherboard: ASRock Rack E3C224D4M-16RE

Press release date: January 6, 2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Dear God, all I need is an all rounder server motherboard that offers 16x 12G SAS-3 connectors while taking up less space and using less power, a Mezzanine slot for upgrading to 10GLAN plus ECC memory for stability, is that too much to ask for? Not really, because your wish is ASRock Rack’s command! ASRock Rack’s E3C224D4M-16RE is the world’s first 12G SAS-3 server motherboard specifically built to fit our enterprise customers’ needs.

ASRock Rack’s E3C224D4-16RE adopts LSI™ SAS 3008 controller + 3X24R expander to support 16 SAS-3 (12Gb/s) ports directly onboard with 4 SAS HD connectors. A whopping total of 22 connectors, including 16 SAS-3 connectors provided by LSI™ SAS 3008 controller + 3X24R expander and 6 SATA ports, which can offer more than enough storage options! ASRock Rack is a pioneer in introducing the SAS-3 12Gb/s standard to the server marketplace.

The groundbreaking SAS-3 solution and Mezzanine slot (10G) is brilliantly designed for businesses to create solutions for intractable data bottlenecks in Big Data/Network Storage, ERP/MRP, Network/Security and Web Farm/Hosting environments. With the onboard 16 SAS-3 ports, anyone can get more things done in less time!

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