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Public Relations Service targets B2B companies.

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May 22, 2009 - Comprised of 3 components, ABI JUMPSTART(TM) helps business-to-business industrial and technology companies identify and communicate business value that resonates with customers and prospects, supporting sales and business growth. ABI works with company to develop messaging platform for product or service, develops set of messaging tools to generate interest from target audience, and uses tools to maximize exposure of company, product, or service through print and digital media outreach.

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ABI's JUMPSTART(TM) Helps B to B Companies

Press release date: May 11, 2009

ABI JUMPSTART(TM) is a new public relations service helping business-to-business industrial and technology companies support sales and discover opportunities cost-effectively.

ABI, Inc., a leading B2B marketing public relations agency, helps companies identify and communicate unique business value that resonates with customers and prospects, supporting sales development and business growth.

"These are challenging times, but there is still business out there to be won. JUMPSTART is what companies need now: a cost-effective public relations support program for tight budgets to win that business quickly," says Alan Isacson, president of ABI. "We offer business-to-business companies an affordable yet strategic three-step plan to uncover opportunities with key decision makers."

ABI JUMPSTART comprises three components executed over three months, to ensure the program stays within a tight budget and generates rapid results:
1. ABI works with a company to develop a strong messaging platform for the product or service, with a clearly defined business value. The platform is based on market factors, sales goals, competition, and customer needs.
2. ABI develops a set of strategic messaging tools based on the platform to educate - and generate interest from - target audiences. These tools can include press releases, expert bylined articles, sales presentations, audio and video casts, 'elevator speeches', and other online and traditional communication tools.
3. ABI uses these tools to maximize exposure of a company, product, or service through print and digital media outreach. This effort is backed by ABI's extensive media relations expertise. The company also enhances search engine optimization (SEO) using keyword analysis, keyword profile development and value-added website content, developed to reflect the new positioning.

The program focuses on three industries in up to three geographic regions. JUMPSTART targets core print and online media only, ensuring that quality content reaches top decision makers. More information on the program plus other tips and strategies for growing BtoB during the economic downturn can be found at

About ABI, Inc.
Founded in 1980, ABI, Inc. specializes exclusively in business-to-business marketing public relations. ABI provides global support services to companies in diverse industrial and technology market segments from offices in New York, London, and Singapore.

In the United States, please contact Simona Georgescu at +1 212-529-4500/


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