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Multifunctional I/O Controller meets diverse task requirements.

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Multifunctional I/O Controller meets diverse task requirements.

April 9, 2014 - Suited for level, temperature, humidity, pressure control tasks, IA-3340-U has two 16-bit analog input channels, 2 digital input channels, and 2 relays. Stable and noise-free current and voltage input device, based on Delta Sigma Technology, offer reading accuracy of 0.1% and reading rate of ~6 readings/sec. Powered and controlled via USB port, controller can be used both as 2 elementary level comparators with preset level for each channel or slave device controlled by host PC or PLC.

Online Devices - Houston, TX

Original Press Release

Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial Two 16-bit Analog Input, Two Digital Input and Two Relays with USB Interface

Press release date: April 7, 2014

Intelligent Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, is pleased to announce its latest product, IA-3340-U, Multifunction I/O Controller.

Equipped with Two 16-bit Analog Input Channels, Two Digital Input channels and Two Relays, the IA-3340-U makes an efficient Industrial I/O device to handle most Level, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, you name it Control tasks.

The IA-3340 includes a stable and noise free Current and Voltage input device, based on Delta Sigma Technology, with a reading accuracy of 0.1% and a reading rate of around six readings per Second.

The IA-3340 is powered and controlled by its USB port and can be used both as two elementary level comparators with a preset level for each channel, or as a slave device, being controlled by its host PC or PLC.

Efficient Dot.Net Library, open source code examples and operation utility help getting a short implementation process.


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