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Low-Profile Smart RF Amplifiers come in 3U, air-cooled chassis.

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Low-Profile Smart RF Amplifiers come in 3U, air-cooled chassis.

Feb 09, 2016 - Featuring software control, Low Power Series broadband RF and microwave amplifiers are configurable to diverse applications requiring digital modulation, multi-tone/multi-carrier, pulsed, and AM/FM/CW. Power combinations are available from 35–250 W, and frequency ranges are 20–1,000 MHz, 80–1,000 MHz, 1,000–3,000 MHz, 2,000–6,000 MHz. Products suit RF component testing and EMC compliance testing. Options include 28 Vdc input power and 400 Hz input power.

Empower RF Systems, Inc. - Inglewood, CA

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Compact Low Profile Low Power Series of Smart RF Amplifiers

Press release date: Feb 01, 2016

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Operate from your Smart Wifi device, LAN, or Front Panel Touchscreen

Empower RF is pleased to announce the release of the Low Power Series of our Next Generation family of RF amplifier systems. Leveraging our patented architecture, these broadband RF and microwave amplifiers are housed in a compact 3U air cooled chassis and are equipped with feature rich software control, making these amplifiers configurable to a wide variety of applications requiring digital modulation, multi-tone/multi-carrier, pulsed, and AM/FM/CW. With power combinations ranging from 35 watts to 250 watts, this series is ideal for RF component test and EMC compliance testing. With an optional 28V DC input power or optional 400Hz input power, these amplifiers are also well suited for land mobile and airborne applications including deployable communications networks, satcom, telemetry, and electronic attack.

SKU Frequency Range [MHz Pout [Watt Size Datasheet
2191 20 - 1000 100 R3U
2192 20 - 1000 250 R3U
2175 80 - 1000 500 R3U
2193 1000 - 3000 100 R3U
2194 1000 - 3000 250 R3U
2195 2000 - 6000 50 R3U
2196 2000 - 6000 80 R3U
2197 2000 - 6000 130 R3U

Selectable User Output Power Control
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
• Automatic Level Control (ALC)
• Manual Gain Control (MGC)

Selectable Measurement Modes
• CW, FM, AM
• Digital Modulation
• Multi-carrier / Multi-tone
• Pulse Modulation

• Load VSWR 3:1
• Input Overdrive Protection
• Thermal Overload Protection
• AC Power Supply Protection
• Out of Band Drive Protection

Built in Peak Detectors
• Input and Output Detectors
• Selectable Peak and RMS

Empower RF Systems is a leader in power amplifier solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial applications.  Our products incorporate the latest semiconductor and power combining technologies and originate from an extensive library of “building block” designs.  Solutions range from basic PA modules to multifunction PA assemblies with embedded, microprocessor controllers.

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