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Firearm Lock provides additional level of security.

Press Release Summary:

Firearm Lock provides additional level of security.

April 7, 2014 - Occupying magazine well, AR15 Firearm Lock secures upper and lower receiver together, providing protection against burglary and unauthorized use. Each lock includes ABUS precision stem cylinder with over 7,500 different keys. When open, key cannot be removed from lock. In addition, lock includes gasket to prevent dust and ensure cleanliness.

Franzen Security Products, Inc. - Midland Park, NJ

Original Press Release

New AR 15 Firearm Lock

Press release date: April 4, 2014

Most firearm enthusiast know the Franzen name as the maunufacturer and supplier of the highest quality firearm locking and storage products helping secure firearms for over 15 years.

Now Franzen in partnership with TLS is bringing the next step in firearm security with the AR15 Firearm Lock. By occupying the magazine well with the AR15 Firearm Lock we are adding an additional level of security that is needed in today’s market. Each AR15 Firearm Lock includes the ABUS precision stem cylinder with over 7500 different keys.

• Locks upper & lower receiver together
• Protection against burglary
• Protection against unauthorized use
• Visual check for empty chamber
• Gasket to prevent dust and ensure cleanliness
• Improved transportation safety
• When open, the key can not be removed from lock

Contact info:
Franzen Security Products, Inc.
23 Birch Street, Unit 1A
Midland Park, NJ 07432
Phone: 800-405-2298


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