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Dot-Peen Marking System produces up to 5 characters/sec.

Press Release Summary:

Dot-Peen Marking System produces up to 5 characters/sec.

July 7, 2010 - I-Mark(TM) I-Series dot-peen marking system includes 7 x 7 x 7 in. marking head, mountable on 1 of 3 sides, that offers X-Y CNC movement provided by high-torque stepper motors and linear rails which mark up to five 1/8 in. high characters/sec. Pneumatic marking pin and carbide tip inscribe different materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Communicating via Ethernet IP, Modbus, Serial, and I/O, system controller can be programmed remotely using included I-Mark Windows® software.

Columbia Marking Tools - Chesterfield Township, MI

Original Press Release

Compact I-MARK(TM) I-Series Marking System Designed for Easy Integration for Reliable Production Marking

Press release date: June 22, 2010

Simple solutions for product identification and marking - everything you need in one easy package to mark part number, date codes, serial numbers, 2D codes and more.

The I-Mark(TM) I-Series dot-peen marking system comes complete with marking head, system controller, cables, and programming software. The I-Series marking system is the perfect solution for integrated production applications. The compact head approximately 7" x 7" x 7" may be mounted on one of three sides. The x-y CNC movement for the marking head is provided by high torque stepper motors and linear rails which mark up to five (1/8") characters per second with good quality readability. The I-Mark I-series has the flexibility with it's pneumatic marking pin and carbide tip to inscribe many different materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The system controller offers a choice of communications Ethernet IP, Modbus, Serial, and I/O and others. Additional drives may be installed to control additional axis or components. I-Mark controllers are offered with an option to control 2 marking heads. This allows for a significant savings in machines and installation costs. In addition, the marking controller is capable of providing PLC controls. The required logic is easily programmed in the I-Mark windows platform and downloaded to the controller along the marking information. The I-Mark controller will offer integrators a cost savings to integrators due to the ability to provide marking, motion and additional controls from one control. With this functionality, no additional PLC may be required in an automated marking station. The flexibility of the I-Mark controller extends to it's ability to control other marking systems. This allows marking applications to be upgraded to take advantage of the I-Mark technology.

The controllers may be programmed and monitored remotely with the use of the I-Mark Windows® software. The I-Mark(TM) software has an extensive help file, integrated video demos, and graphic icons that combine to provide reduced start-up time. Drag and drop functionality is incorporated to assure quick program generation and easy entity sizing. Multiple character fonts are supported including OCR (optical character recognition). Advanced 2D data matrix configurations include: entity selection, and sizing parameters. In depth user control is available for custom shift codes, complex date coding, and advanced sequences. Import DXF files for marking logos, or for use as background positioning files. The software also contains a machine controller view with advanced diagnostics.

Columbia Marking Tools is a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, roll marking and impact marking machines, numbering heads and special marking machines.


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