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Carrying Case Lanyard protects personal voltage detector.

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Carrying Case Lanyard protects personal voltage detector.

July 16, 2012 - Combining carrying case and lanyard, C-10 Series protects V-Watch personal voltage detector when not in use and acts as lanyard when device is in use. Variants include C-10FR, which is made with high-visibility safety green material and shielded with outer layer of flame-resistant material, and C-10, which is made with black shielded material. Both effectively turn off V-Watch when not in use, feature rugged swivel clip, and allow for proper mid-chest positioning via adjustable lanyard.

Original Press Release

NEW C-10 Carrying Case Lanyard Series

Press release date: July 7, 2012

Introducing HDE's NEW C-10FR Carrying Case Lanyard, developed for the V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors! There are now two versions of the C-10 Carrying Case Lanyard available:

NEW C-10FR Carrying Case Lanyard - made with a high-visibility safety green material that is shielded with the added benefit of an outer layer of flame resistant material

C-10 Carrying Case Lanyard - made with a black shielded material

The C-10 Series Carrying Case Lanyard for V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detectors combines the carrying case and lanyard into a single case. The Carrying Case Lanyard is designed to leave the V-Watch mounted inside and offers the dual feature of protecting the V-Watch when not in use and acting as a lanyard for the V-Watch when in use.

Features and Benefits Can be used with any V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector - old or new versions Shielded case - protects the V-Watch and effectively turns off the V-Watch when not in use Adjustable lanyard - allows the user to wear the V-Watch at the proper mid-chest position Rugged swivel clip - allows the user to position the case anywhere in the proper position Ease of use Simplicity of training Easy deployment to trained and untrained personnel

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