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Anaerobic Adhesives bond cylindrical assemblies.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 02, 2005 - By filling tiny, microscopic voids found between close-fitting, non-threaded metal parts, Anaerobic Retaining Compounds create solid, one-piece assembly. Products range from low viscosity, rapid-curing adhesive that strengthens press fit assemblies, to non-running gel that fills surface imperfections and repairs worn areas of cylindrical parts. Common uses include bearings and bushings, reanchoring studs, refitting worn shafts, and replacing clamp and snap rings.

Original Press Release

Permatex® Anaerobic Adhesives Dramatically Improve Bonding of Cylindrical Assemblies

Press release date: Jul 25, 2005

HARTFORD, CT, July 25, 2005 - Permatex® is offering a complete line of durable retaining compounds designed to provide a secure bond for non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies. The adhesives permit relaxed machining tolerances on press or slip-fitted parts, and produce joints that can be up to five times stronger than conventional heavy press fits. The Permatex bonding adhesives offer manufacturers and maintenance professionals some of the most reliable assemblies possible for a wide variety of applications. At the same time, they offer the additional advantage of helping reduce the size, weight and number of parts needed for production assembly.

Compared to mechanical methods, anaerobic retaining compounds in most cases are recognized as the most efficient and dependable way to bond cylindrical components. By filling the tiny, sometimes microscopic voids found between close-fitting metal parts, Permatex adhesives create a solid, one-piece assembly that helps prevent wear on new components and restores the fit on worn or out-of-tolerance parts. Left to traditional mechanical joining methods, these voids can be the source of vibration loosening, leakage and metal corrosion. Also, mechanical retaining techniques sometimes require additional precision machining steps, with failures of cylindrical assemblies often linked to machining variances.

The Permatex line of retaining compounds are formulated in a variety of viscosities, strength characteristics, gap-filling abilities and temperature ratings. They have the ability to solve the most difficult bonding applications and can be used to lock keyways, secure splines and strengthen interference fits. They can also help seal joints against leakage, while preventing fretting and corrosion. Permatex products range from a low viscosity, rapid-curing adhesive that strengthens press fit assemblies to a non-running gel that will fill surface imperfections and repair worn areas of cylindrical parts.

Some of the more common uses for Permatex retaining compounds include bearings and bushings, reanchoring studs, pins and sleeves, refitting worn shafts and housings, replacing clamp and snap rings and many more industrial applications.

"Our objective at Permatex is to create solutions that offer real advantages - products that are dependable, easy to use and improve performance," says Jase Doane, Industrial Marketing Manager at Permatex. "Our retaining compounds offer the highest level of reliability, while providing the industrial marketplace an opportunity for much needed cost savings on their adhesive purchases."

Since 1909, Permatex has provided industry with a comprehensive line of reliable maintenance products for on-the-job solutions. Permatex offers a wide range of highly versatile threadlocking, gasketing and sealing compounds, multi-purpose lubricants, time-saving cleaning compounds, fast-acting adhesives, waterless hand cleaners and specialty maintenance products under a variety of well-recognized brand names such as Permatex®, Permatex® Ultra Brand Silicones, Gel Twist(TM) Threadlockers, Form-A-Gasket®, Form-A-Seal®, the Right Stuff®, Fast Orange® and Trounce®. For additional information on the efficiency and value of Permatex retaining compounds, please visit