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Ultrafast Amplifiers deliver greater than 14 W power.

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Press Release Summary:

February 14, 2014 - Suited for research applications, Spitfire® Ace™ PA Power Amplifier delivers >14 W output power at 5 kHz and >12 W at 1 and 10 kHz repetition rates, while Spitfire Ace Regenerative Amplifier provides >7 W at 5 kHz and >6 W at 1 and 10 kHz. Spirit-NOPA automated non-collinear optical parametric amplifier, when used with Spirit™ ultrafast laser, creates system that is tunable from 250–900 nm and capable of generating sub-20 fs pulses with user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 1 MHz.

Spectra-Physics, Inc.

Original Press Release

Spectra-Physics® Expands Ultrafast Amplifier Portfolio

Press release date: February 4, 2014

• Extends offering to high >14 W power and to ultrashort sub-20 femtosecond (fs) pulses at high repetition rates

Santa Clara, CA – Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces three new ultrafast amplifier products, expanding its portfolio of ultrafast lasers.  The new Spitfire® Ace™ PA (Power Amplifier) features high power of >14 W and high energy of >12 mJ, and the new Spitfire Ace outputs >7 W and >6 mJ with <35 fs="" pulse="" width="" from="" a="" regen-only="" amplifier. ="" the="" new="" spirit-nopa™="" delivers="" tunable="" high-repetition-rate="" pulses="" with="" pulse="" widths="" as="" short="" as="" sub-20="" fs. ="" the="" new="" products="" are="" ideal="" for="" ultrafast="" spectroscopy="" and="" advanced="" science="">

“These new ultrafast amplifiers are powerful tools to advance and enable new ultrafast science,” says Philippe Féru, senior manager of product marketing for Spectra-Physics. “As the number one supplier of ultrafast lasers, Spectra-Physics delivers the broadest range of technologies to serve the widest scope of applications with the industry’s largest installed base.”

The new Spitfire Ace PA delivers >14 W output power at 5 kHz and more than 12 W at 1 and  10 kHz repetition rates.  The new improved Spitfire Ace regenerative amplifier delivers >7 W at 5 kHz and >6 W at 1 and 10 kHz.  Spectra-Physics’ patented XP cavity provides superior beam quality even at the highest energy configuration.  These ultrafast amplifiers are ideal for a wide range of research applications including multicolor time-resolved spectroscopy, coherent control, nonlinear optics, and more.

Spirit-NOPA is an automated non-collinear optical parametric amplifier specifically optimized for use with Spectra-Physics’ Spirit™ high-repetition-rate ultrafast laser.  Spirit and Spirit-NOPA together create a versatile ultrafast laser system tunable between 250 and 900 nm and capable of generating sub-20 fs pulses with user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot up to 1 MHz.  The advanced system enables a range of new science, allowing fast data averaging and increased signal-to-noise ratios in challenging ultrafast spectroscopy applications.

Spectra-Physics’ new 14 W Spitfire Ace PA, 7 W Spitfire Ace, and Spirit-NOPA will be featured at SPIE Photonics West, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, February 4-6, 2014. Please visit Spectra-Physics at booth #1301 for a demonstration. For more information, go to

About Spectra-Physics
Founded over 50 years ago as the first commercial laser company, Spectra-Physics delivers breakthrough technologies that transform the way businesses operate and people live.  From the manufacturing floor to the operating room to the research laboratory, the company has blazed a trail of discovery and success in lasers that continues to advance every day.  Spectra-Physics is singularly focused on helping its customers use precision laser technologies to advance leading-edge science and propel industries forward.  The company does so by offering groundbreaking technologies, deep applications expertise, disruptive cost-performance, a commitment to world-class customer experience, and the highest standards for operational excellence and continuous global improvement.  Spectra-Physics is a Newport company and has offices in countries around the world, serving customers across a broad range of industry segments.

Company Contacts:

Herman Chui
Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Tel: +1 408-980-6996

Elizabeth Peartree
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Tel: +1 408-980-4305

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