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Thick Turret Insert Slitting Die minimizes waste.

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Press Release Summary:

June 6, 2014 - Designed for D and E Stations, VERSADIE™ minimizes waste by punching closely to clamps and allows users to replace die inserts without replacing entire slitting die. Replaceable inserts accommodate lengths up to 4.560 in. for E stations and 3.560 in. for D stations. To withstand demanding punching operations, die body is made of S7 shock resistant tool steel, while die insert is manufactured from MPM82 tool steel. Mate SlugFree® design prevents slug pulling and damage to piece part and tooling.

Original Press Release

Mate Precision Tooling Introduces New VERSADIE(TM) Thick Turret Insert Slitting Die - Reduces Material Cost and Waste

Press release date: May 29, 2014

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Anoka, Minnesota – Mate Precision Tooling introduces the new VERSADIE™ thick turret insert slitting die for D and E Stations. The VERSADIE design takes clamp clearing operations to a new level by (1) reducing material cost and waste for slitting operations by punching closely to the clamps and (2) allowing users to replace die inserts without replacing the entire slitting die.

Further enhancing productivity, Mate’s new VERSADIE features easily replaceable die inserts that accommodate lengths up to 4.560 inch (115.82 mm) for E stations and 3.560 inch (90.42 mm) for D stations. These are currently the longest available in the industry.

“Clamp clearing dies are necessary when maximum sheet usage is required,” reports John Galich, Mate’s Marketing Manager. “VERSADIE now provides the ability to punch as close to the clamps as possible reducing both material cost and waste. Mate’s proven excellence in tool design with the VERSADIE gives fabricators another new way to manage tooling costs while improving productivity.”

VERSADIE is stronger than an ordinary slitting tool dies and withstands the most demanding punching operations. The die insert is precision manufactured from MPM82 tool steel. This high speed, particle metallurgy steel allows for sharper edges on the die opening, giving VERSADIE high value and long lasting versatility -- ideal for slitting operations. VERSADIE also has tighter tolerances of the insert to the holder. Together, these design features ensure greater machine uptime, lower tooling costs and overall lower fabricating costs. The die body itself is made of S7 shock resistant tool steel.

Additional VERSADIE feature is that the die body is easily shimmed after the insert is sharpened during routine maintenance. There is no need for special insert shims. Just use existing standard thick turret die shims under the die body. Another important feature is Mate SlugFree® die design, which prevents slug pulling and prevents damage to the piece part and the tooling.

VERSADIE is available in metric and inch sizes in standard rectangle, oval, and double D shapes. Special order designs are available for rectangle/oval, double rectangle, rectangle with tabs, trapezoid, cable opening, cable opening with tabs, and breakaway. Shims are available in D station, package of 3 each: 0.016(0.40); 0.032(0.80); 0.048(1.20) and E Station, packages of 3 each: 0.016(0.40); 0.032(0.80); 0.048(1.20).

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Email:  for complete details and ordering. Or call in USA and Canada 1-800-328-4492. Outside USA and Canada, call 1-763-421-0230. Fax 1-763-421-0285.  Outside USA and Canada, Fax 1-763-421-0285. MATE PRECISION TOOLING is headquartered at 1295 Lund Boulevard, Anoka, Minnesota 55303   USA.

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