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Tension-Spring Connection System provides wiring safety.

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Press Release Summary:

May 8, 2014 - Featuring modular and flexible connection technology, ZST System enables pluggable wiring up to rated current of 24 A, rated voltage of 500 V, and cross section range of 0.5–4 mm². Spring provides permanent contact force between wire and bus bar. Coated with tin, stainless steel spring and copper bus bars are maintenance-free and resistant to vibration and corrosion. Housing insulation material is polyamide PA6.6 UL 94, flammability class V0, with temperature range of -40 to +120°C.

Original Press Release

Conta-Clip's ZST Pluggable, Tension-Spring Connection System Provides Quick Installation and Wiring Safety

Press release date: April 30, 2014

The ZST pluggable, tension-spring connection system from Conta-Clip features modular and flexible connection technology for quick installation and wiring safety. Using the ZST tension-spring connection, pluggable wiring is possible up to a rate current of 24A, a rated voltage of 500V, and a cross section range of 0.5 mm2 to 4mm2 with less time spent on wiring due to the easy to operate tension-spring connection system. Held securely by the positioned bus bar, the stainless steel spring provides permanent contact force between the wire and the bus bar. The easily operated tension-spring connection mechanism makes wiring quick and easy even under cramped working cognitions because of the top connection, space saving design of the ZST. The stainless steel spring and copper bus bars, coated with tin, are resistant to vibration or corrosion and maintenance free.

The housing insulation material of the ZST system is polyamide PA6.6 UL 94, flammability class V0, self-extinguishing without burning drops. Housing insulation is free of materials such as halogen or phosphor. It is temperature resistant to -40°C to +120°C and offers creepage resistance of CTI600.

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