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Position Controller works with valves and other devices.

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Press Release Summary:

March 14, 2002 - EMPC electronic controller is suited for company's valves, and can be adapted to other systems. It has adjustable setpoint, proportional band, PID and temperature offset, and provides operation within narrow bands with no hunting or overshooting. Compact controller is easy to set up and tune, and has no motors, gears, lead screws, or solenoids. Controller has 24 Vac/dc power input and output, optional 4-20 mA input, and DIN-rail mount enclosure.

Original Press Release

Low Cost, Reliable Electronic Position Controller

Press release date: February 25, 2002

Available From Therm-Omega-Tech

WARMINSTER, PA (February 25, 2002) -- A low cost, reliable position controller designed to control valves and other devices is now available from Therm-Omega-Tech Inc., Warminster, PA.

The EMPC uses no motors, gears, lead screws, or solenoids, helping ensure high reliability. Instead, the electronic controller responds rapidly to process variables, allowing heating or cooling of the positioning actuator. This generates a high force, which is used to position a valve or device as needed. With an adjustable setpoint and proportional band, along with a temperature offset, the EMPC provides precise operation within extremely narrow bands with no hunting or overshooting. It is also very compact, easy to set up and tune, and able to control any process.

Other features of the EMPC include a DIN rail mount enclosure, low cost PID control (explosion-proof optional), 24V AC/DC power input and output, and optional 4-20 mA input.

The EMPC is especially suited for use with valves produced by Therm-Omega-Tech, although it can be adapted to control devices produced by other manufacturers, as well. Industry standard transducers can be used for input.

For more information on Therm-Omega-Tech's EMPC position controller, contact Therm-Omega-Tech, 353 Ivyland Road, Warminster, PA 18974; phone 800/288-4878; fax: 215/674-8594; e-mail:;

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