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Packaging Inks are available water- or solvent-based.

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Press Release Summary:

June 26, 2007 - PX Series of high-contrast inks are suited for use in Matthews Drop-on-demand and other manufacturers' DOD ink-jet systems. Water-based choices, PX-370 and SX-370, provide strong contrast with HAPS-free printing and are designed for package printing applications on porous materials, while solvent-based PX-670 and PX-470 inks are quick drying and suit applications requiring permanent marking on non-porous materials. Inks are available in canister, liter, and 5 gal pail sizes.

Matthews International Corp., Marking Products Div.

6515 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 4407, USA

Original Press Release

Matthews Introduces Water- & Solvent-Based, High Contrast, Low-Priced Inks for Packaging

Press release date: June 7, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA, June 7, 2007 - Matthews Marking Products has just introduced the PX Series of packaging inks for use in Matthews Drop-on-Demand and other manufacturers' DOD ink-jet systems. These new inks print darker than competitors, ensuring a bolder, higher-contrast message on a wide variety of materials.

All PX ink formulas are designed to be environmentally friendly. The full PX range includes several water-based choices (PX-370, SX-370) that provide strong contrast with HAPS-free printing. These water-based inks are designed to for package printing applications on corrugated, paper, cardboard, and other porous materials.

Solvent-based PX inks (PX-670, PX-470) are used for applications requiring permanent marking of non-porous packaging materials, such as plastic wrap, coated paper, and slick cardboard stock. These are quick-drying and work in all of Matthews' DOD ink-jet printheads.

PX Series inks are available in canister, liter, and 5 gallon pail sizes. Matthews Marking Products developed the entire PX Series line to provide a lower-priced ink selection for packagers using rugged and flexible Drop-on-Demand ink-jet printing technology.

For more information on the new PX Series inks or the complete range of Matthews Marking Products, contact Michelle Spaulding, Matthews Marking Products, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Telephone (412) 665-2488, fax (412) 365-2042, Matthews Marking Products is a division of the Brand Solutions group of Matthews International Corporation.

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