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Outdoor Twin T5 Luminaires are built for energy efficiency.

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Press Release Summary:

February 22, 2011 - Offered in symmetric and asymmetric designs, W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series are cantilevered, dual pole-mount luminaires that deliver instant-on, low-glare, white lighting. Uniformly distributed outward- and downward-aimed fluorescent lamps, 2 per luminaire, operate with 89% light-emitting performance. Attached to single vertical pole, 2/3/4 horizontal twin T5 fluorescent light housings can be stacked to project beyond their support fulcrum. Each lighthead consumes 53 W per twin T5 lamp.


2242 Whitfield Park Loop, Sarasota, FL, 34243, USA

Original Press Release

You Aren't Seeing Double, or Even Triple. You're Seeing More Clearly and Economically

Press release date: February 14, 2011

New Product Introduction: Magnaray® W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series - highly energy-conserving outdoor cantilevered dual pole-mount twin T5 luminaires.

Design: Larry Leetzow, IES, Lighting Consultant, and the Magnaray® In-House Lighting Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer: Magnaray® International, founded 1962.

Product Applications: W2PT5048 & W3PT5048 Series luminaires deliver major energy savings and long-lasting, low maintenance functional outdoor light, suited for a broad range of commercial, institutional, light industrial, military and governmental environs, in a lighting array unique to the industry.

These include automotive dealerships; parking lots and parking garages; entertainment and themed venues; government buildings and grounds; hospitals, clinics, physician office buildings; library, school and university campuses; military bases and facilities; office buildings, grounds and corporate parks; residential condominium and gated-community properties; transportation terminals; upscale retail stores, enclosed and strip malls; urban/suburban street and roadway lighting.

In short, wherever the need for high-performance, instant-on white-lighting of unusually efficient high coverage coincides with a want for exceptional energy conservation; long, durable operating life; fewer mounting poles needed with wider spacings; and negligible maintenance.

Product Description: W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series models are notable for striking cantilevered symmetric and asymmetric lighting designs, with stacked luminaires mounted to in-ground round or square poles. As in geometric architecture, two, three or four horizontal twin T5 fluorescent light housings can be stacked to project beyond their support fulcrum, attached to a single vertical pole. The design is unique and impressive. Light output is white, low-glare and unmatched in performance and long, low-cost operating life.

W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series provides highly energy-efficient, uniformly distributed out- and downward-aimed fluorescent lamps, two per luminaire, operating with 89% light-emitting performance with sharp cut-off and no wasted light. Each lighthead consumes only 53 watts per twin T5 lamp, 212 watts total in a dual-head stacked array, and 318 watts in a triple-head array.

These distinctive-appearing twin T5 light fixtures replace harsher, more energy-consuming, glare-producing high-pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor, LED, induction or plasma pole-mounted fixtures. Retrofitting to these twin T5 lower wattage luminaires can produce energy savings for a single installation in the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars per year. Up to 50,000+ hour lamp life and 90% maintained lumens are common.

Construction & Finishes: W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series luminaire housings are constructed from high quality clear anodized aluminum for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Doorframes surround highly impact-resistant clear acrylic and a high-reflectance optically designed internal aluminum reflector. Optional low environmental-impact powder-coated finishes are standard in black, dark bronze, forest green or white. RAL standard or custom colors may be specified.

W2PT5048 and W3PT5048 Series are CSAUS Wet-Location listed, IP54 rated, sealed and gasketed, Made in America. IES photometric files available.

Magnaray® International is headquartered at 2242 Whitfield Park Loop, Sarasota, FL 34243. Telephone: (941) 755-2111. Fax: (941) 751-5483. Email: Visit Magnaray® on the World Wide Web at:

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