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Lightning Arrestor/Surge Protector supports 0-6 GHz.

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Press Release Summary:

May 8, 2014 - Consisting of N female to N female bulkhead coaxial lightning arrestor/surge protector, Model LPNFNF06 is corrosion-resistant and tri-metal plated, which minimizes intermodulation distortion. Unit has 90 Vdc breakdown voltage, 0.5 dB insertion loss at 6 GHz, and max VSWR of 1.5. Equipped with ground lug supporting up to 10 AWG ground wire, device includes L-shaped bracket for mounting.


2570 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL, 60502, USA

Original Press Release

AIR802 Introduces a New N Female to N Female Bulkhead Coaxial Lightning Arrestor or Surge Protector 0 - 6 GHz with Tri-Metal Plating...

Press release date: May 7, 2014

Timely for the springtime and summertime storms, AIR802 introduces model LPNFNF06, a new N female to N female coaxial lightning arrestor or surge protector supporting 0 to 6 GHz. Unlike typical protectors, this model is tri-metal plated which minimizes intermodulation distortion (IMD) and is corrosion resistant.

Protecting wireless equipment, buildings, and lives could not be more important in coaxial cables run outdoors. This model has a 90 vdc breakdown voltage, 0.5 dB low insertion loss at 6 GHz, and maximum 1.5 VSWR. It is equipped with a ground lug supporting up to 10awg ground wire.

A L-shaped bracket for mounting the protector is included. More detailed information on model LPNFNF06 is available on the AIR802 website.

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