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LED Ring Illuminator offers silent operation.

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Press Release Summary:

April 28, 2009 - Controlled by PLC, Model T-40 provides microscope-quality white light from array of 40 white LEDs. Ring of LEDs is divided into 4 segments of 10 LEDs each, which can be turned on and off to select areas where illumination is needed. PLC also has variable dimmer control to adjust brightness. Featuring machined aluminum housing, illuminator offers 360° shadow-free illumination, 6,500°K spectrum, and 3-point, soft-tipped mount, which fits lenses from 1.25-2.6 in. diameter.

Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

P.O. Box 569-T, Buffalo, NY, 14207 0569, USA

Original Press Release

Titan Tool Introduces LED Ring Illuminator for Microscopes

Press release date: April 1, 2009

April 2009 - A new, highly-engineered Ring Illuminator has been added to Titan Tool's broad stable of microscope illumination devices. Model T-40 LED provides a powerful, microscope-quality white light from a precision array of forty high-brightness white LEDs.

The ring illuminator is controlled by an advanced PLC. The ring of LEDs is divided into four segments of ten LEDs each, which can be turned on and off to select areas where illumination is needed. The PLC also has a variable dimmer control to adjust brightness.

A universal power source connector with built-in transformer enables worldwide operation from 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz.

According to Titan Tool, its T-40 LED Ring Illuminator offers a 360° shadow-free illumination and an approximate 6500°K spectrum. Additional features include:

  • a machined aluminum housing for ruggedness and durability;
  • a three-point, soft-tipped mount which fits lenses from diameters of 1.25" to 2.6" and
  • silent, no-vibration operation.

    The made-in-USA Model T-40 joins the Titan Tool collection of microscopy ring lights which include Halogen, Fluorescent and Fiber Optic Illuminators.

    The T-40 LED Ring Illuminator, with controller, is priced at $325.00. Complete information is available by contacting Titan Tool Supply Inc., P. O. Box 569, Buffalo NY 14207-0569. Phone (716) 873-9907 Fax (716) 873-9998 URL: For specific product information visit

    Please address reader service inquiries at the above address to: Frank Menza, President, Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Email:

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