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Insertion Flowmeters deliver true mass flow rate signal.

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Press Release Summary:

June 9, 2014 - Combining ValuMass™ electronics with Flow Averaging Tube™ design, ValuMass™ Model 490 features compact aluminum enclosure for general purpose locations, while Model 590 has enclosure approved for hazardous locations. Digital electronics offer variety of output formats, including 0–5 Vdc/4–20 mA analog flow signals, RS485 Modbus RTU communications, and 0–1 kHz frequency output. To accommodate virtually all installation requirements, both modelsĀ are available with remote electronics.

Original Press Release

New ValueMass Flowmeter Designs for 2014

Press release date: June 6, 2014

The new ValuMass™ Models 490 and 590 insertion flowmeters from Eldridge Products, Inc. combine the economy of the ValuMass™ electronics with the innovation of the patented Flow Averaging Tube™ (FAT™) design.

The digital ValuMass™ electronics include a variety of output formats including 0–5 VDC / 4–20mA analog flow signals, RS485 Modbus RTU communications and a 0–1 kHz frequency output. The Model 490 has a compact aluminum enclosure for general purpose locations; the Model 590 has a robust enclosure approved for use in hazardous locations. Either model is available with remote electronics, if preferred, to accommodate virtually all installation requirements.

Similar in outward appearance to an averaging pitot tube, the FAT™ design provides accurate readings in large ducts by sampling the gas stream across the full pipe diameter — but the flow sensor is temperature compensated and insensitive to pressure changes. Therefore, the output signal is a true mass flow rate signal which can be directly interfaced with a data acquisition system without the need for additional temperature and pressure corrections.

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