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In-Line DC Gear Motors have integral incremental encoder.

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Press Release Summary:

January 23, 2014 - Precision coreless DC motors, built with one of 2 types of incremental encoder,┬áis available for medical, optical, robotic, and industrial applications. Respectively, available magnetic and optical encoder types can be coupled to 13–17 mm and 17–24 mm dia coreless motors from 2.4–24 Vdc.

Original Press Release

DC Gear Motor W/Integral Encoder

Press release date: January 22, 2014

Autotrol Now Offers In-Line DC Gear Motors with Integral Encoders

AUTOTROL now offers a line of precision coreless DC motors built with an integral “incremental” encoder. The encoders are produced by Citizen-Micro, a global manufacturer of precision components. Two types of encoders are available. The magnetic encoder can be coupled to 13-17 mm diameter coreless motors and the optical encoder can be coupled to 17-24 mm diameter coreless motors, from 2.4-24 VD volts. Applications range from medical, optical, robotic, industrial and many others. For more information please contact Autotrol’s sales department at 815-459-3080 (x139).

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