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High Temperature Exhaust Hose combines flexibility, durability.

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Press Release Summary:

May 8, 2014 - Kevlar®-coated Flex-Lok® 570 is constructed with single-ply Para-Aramid fabric locked around coated steel wire by metal strip and mechanically crimped in continuous process. Suited for fume venting over -40 to 570°F range, flexible hose is flame retardant as well as puncture and abrasion resistant. Product comes in IDs from 4–18 in. and 25 ft standard lengths. Weighing ~0.71 lb/ft, 4 in. hose has 3 in. bend radius, and 6:1 compression ratio.

Original Press Release

High Temperature Exhaust Hose Flexible and Tough for Fume Extraction

Press release date: May 6, 2014

A durable, Kevlar® coated high temperature fabric hose that is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip formed into a clip and offers superior abrasion-resistance has been introduced by Flexaust of Warsaw, Indiana.

Flex-Lok® 570 High Temperature Exhaust Hose is constructed with a single-ply Para-Aramid fabric that is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip and is mechanically crimped in a continuous process.  Ideal for fume venting at -40°F to 570°F temperatures, this lightweight flexible hose is flame-retardant, puncture-resistant, and provides high tensile strength.

Suitable for reel and drop systems, the Flex-Lok® 570 High Temperature Exhaust Hose’s metal strip acts as a wear strip and is vibration-resistant.  Hoses are offered in 4” to 18” I.D. sizes and 25 ft. standard lengths.  A 4” hose weighs approx. 0.71 lbs/ft., has a 3” bend radius, and 6:1 compression ratio.  Applications include exhaust venting and welding fume extraction.

Flex-Lok® 570 High Temperature Exhaust Hose is priced according to size and quantity.  Samples and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:
Sabrina France, Marketing Coordinator
1510 Armstrong Rd. 
P.O. Box 4275
Warsaw, IN 46581-4275
(800) 343-0428 
FAX (800) 382-8464

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