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Filling Machine fills 84,000 capsules/hour.

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Press Release Summary:

April 25, 2006 - Suited for pharmaceutical applications, Model GKF 1400L handles liquid and non-liquid products, or combination of fillings including liquid, powder, or pellets. Modular design facilitates setup, cleaning, and changeovers. No capsule-no fill feature minimizes mess, and heating element is provided for applications that require product to be liquefied for filling. Running on Windows® XP, system offers optional remote monitoring for direct reporting to corporate server.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Packaging Technology, Stuttgarter Straße 130, Waiblingen, D-71332, Germany

Original Press Release

Bosch Pharmaceutical Division at Interphex 2006: New Liquid Capsule Filling Technology

Press release date: March 22, 2006

Medium output machine fills up to 84,000 capsules per hour Offers a space-saving compact modular design Unique "no capsule-no fill" feature Flexible system accommodates powder and pellets

Bosch Packaging Technology has announced its new GKF 1400L liquid capsule filler for pharmaceutical filling applications. The new medium output machine offers proven Bosch technology in a modular, ergonomic design - ensuring efficient handling, pharmaceutical safety and economic efficiency.

The versatility of the GKF 1400L allows it to handle a variety of liquid and non-liquid products or a combination of fillings including liquid, powder or pellets. Its modular construction allows for short setup and cleaning times as well as quick changeovers between variations of fills and capsules. To change applications, simply slide out the modular liquid station and replace with a powder station. Users can fill at incredibly fast speeds of up to 84,000 capsules per hour. And capsules are immediately closed after filling.

Advantages to the compact GKF 1400L include a drip return accessible via a touch screen and transverse delivery of products within the pump for ultra-safe protection. Also included is the "no capsule-no fill" feature that reduces mess, and a heating element for applications that require the product to be liquefied for filling. The system runs on Windows® XP operating system and offers optional remote monitoring for direct reporting to a corporate server.

Contact for readers: Tony Miller Marketing & Product Coordinator Manager Communication Bosch Pharmaceutical Division

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