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Cast Nylon Shapes offer lighter alternative to metal parts.

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Press Release Summary:

March 24, 2014 - Targeting industrial users, TECASTĀ® Cast Nylon stock shapes and custom parts offer physical and wear properties that enable metal parts replacement. Variety grades are available, each designed to highlight various aspects and combinations of mechanical properties as well as bearing and wear characteristics. Production capabilities cover rings up to 90 in. dia, rod up to 20 in. dia, and discs over 40 in. dia.

Ensinger Inc.

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Original Press Release

Ensinger's TECAST® Cast Nylon Stock Shapes Offer a Lighter Alternative to Metal Parts

Press release date: March 20, 2014

TECASTĀ® Cast Nylon stock shapes and custom parts from Ensinger offer a unique combination of physical and wear properties, along with inherently lighter weight, to provide industrial users with an excellent, cost effective alternative to metal parts. Ensinger offers cast nylon in a variety of grades, each of which is designed to highlight various aspects and combinations of high level mechanical properties, as well as superior bearing and wear characteristics. Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 facility, TECAST is lighter and easier to handle than bronze, iron, aluminum, and steel. Applying casting capabilities that are not duplicated by any other thermoplastic processor, Ensinger can produce TECAST in rings up to 90” in diameter, rod in diameters up to 20”, and discs in diameters over 40”.

The combination of physical and wear properties, lighter weight, and Ensinger’s casting capabilities makes TECAST a popular replacement for metal parts in a variety of industries, such as: construction, food, mining, forestry, marine, wind energy, and primary metals. Typical metal parts replaced by TECAST include: sheaves, wear pads, bushings, bearings, large cams, gears, conveyor parts, rollers, bogey wheels, pulleys, conveyor wheels, chain wear plates, kiln buggy bearings, deck winch bearings, off shore crane sheaves, overhead crane shaft bearings and pinion gears, and more.

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