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Bipolar PROMs serve as drop-in replacements for OEM devices.

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Press Release Summary:

January 24, 2014 - Manufactured on bipolar process, PROM Series has 4 members ranging in size from 2K (512 x 8) to 16K (2K x 8), with speeds from 90–125 ns. Units are One-Time Programmable devices, offering on-chip address decoding without separate fusing pins, 3-state outputs, and full TTL-compatibility. Available in variety of ceramic packages, including Leadless Chip Carriers, Dual Inline Packages, and Flatpacks, PROMs meet OEM specifications for military and aerospace applications.

e2v Technologies PLC

Original Press Release

e2v Aerospace and Defense Completes Redesign of Bipolar PROM Family

Press release date: January 17, 2014

e2v aerospace and defense today announced that it has completed full qualification of a family of industry-standard Bipolar PROMs. These products have been fully re-engineered and manufactured on a Bipolar process and meet the original manufacturer specifications for military and aerospace applications. These devices serve as drop-in replacements for the original devices, manufactured by a variety of suppliers, including Philips/Signetics, Harris, MMI, Fairchild, National, and Raytheon.

The PROM family has four members, ranging in size from 2K (512 x 8) to 16K (2K x 8), and ranging in speed from 90ns to 125ns. These PROMs are field programmable OTP (One-Time Programmable) devices, offering on-chip address decoding without separate fusing pins, three-state outputs and full TTL-compatibility. Supported device types are shown in the cross reference.

These devices are available in a variety of ceramic package options: Leadless Chip Carriers (LCCs), Dual Inline Packages (DIPs) and Flatpacks (FPs); all manufactured in compliance with the latest revision of MIL-PRF-38535, making them ideally suited for defense applications. These devices are available to Standard Microcircuit Drawings and/or Military Slash Sheet Specifications.

““This product release demonstrates e2v’s design expertise and commitment as supplier of components and subsystems for aerospace systems applications,” said Mr. Robert Brevelle, President e2v a&d.  “We continue to support the warfighter by extending the lifetime of mission critical systems.” 

Part Number Generic PN Package Organization Speed
78016013A QP82S141/B3A 28-Pin LCC 512 x 8 90ns
7801601JA QP82S141/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
7801601KA QP82S141/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20802BJA QP82S141/B3A 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
M38510/20802BKA QP82S141/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20904BJA QP82S181/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP 1K x 8  
M38510/20904BKA QP82S181/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/20902BVA QP82S185/BVA 18-Pin 300-mil DIP 2K x 4 125ns
M38510/20902BXA QP82S185/BXA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/20902BYA QP82S185/BYA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/20908BVA QP82S185/BVA 18-Pin 300-mil DIP   90ns
M38510/20908BYA QP82S185/BYA 18-Pin FP    
M38510/21002B3A QP82S191/B3A 28-Pin LCC 2K x 8 100ns
M38510/21002BJA QP82S191/BJA 24-Pin 600-mil DIP    
M38510/21002BKA QP82S191/BKA 24-Pin FP    
M38510/21002BLA QP82S191/BLA 24-Pin 300-mil DIP    

Media Contact: For enquiries about this press release contact Michael Sarpa,  

About e2v aerospace and defense inc: e2v aerospace and defense inc. (e2v a&d) is a leading provider of RF power, imaging and hi-rel semiconductor solutions to the North American aerospace and defense industry.

e2v a&d offers a diverse portfolio of products and services, including wideband RF components and sub-systems, high performance imaging sensors and cameras, and hi-rel semiconductor products and lifecycle management services to ensure long-term continuity of supply.


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