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Automated Imaging Particle Analyzer supports remote operation.

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Press Release Summary:

August 10, 2012 - Portable, benchtop, submersible, and PV Series FlowCAMs® are available with remote desktop capability, which lets operators start to run sample, monitor its progress, adjust measurement parameters, and analyze images and data in real-time. This enables users to work on other tasks away from instrumentation and without requiring direct supervision. Accessible at on- and off-site locations, FlowCAM supports remote operation via Android-based computer tablets, iPads, and other tablets.

Fluid Imaging Technologies

65 Forest Falls Dr., Yarmouth, ME, 04096, USA

Original Press Release

Fluid Imaging Technologies Introduces Remote Operation on FlowCAM® Instrumentation Line

Press release date: August 1, 2012

Run Sample, Get Real-Time Data on iPad, Android Tablets

Yarmouth, ME: Laboratory instrumentation manufacturer Fluid Imaging Technologies, Yarmouth, Maine ( has introduced remote operation for the automated FlowCAM® imaging particle analysis system. Available on the entire line of portable, benchtop, submersible and PV Series FlowCAMs, the remote desktop capability enables operators to start running a sample, monitor its progress, adjust measurement parameters on-the-fly and analyze images and data in real-time, all while working on other tasks away from the instrumentation and without requiring direct supervision. Accessible at the processing line, while attending meetings, on research vessels, outside in the field and at other on-site and off-site locations, the FlowCAM may be operated remotely on Android-based computer tablets, iPads and other tablets using all of the same FlowCAM controls and interactive features available on the desktop instrumentation.

Developed for lab managers, process engineers, water/wastewater engineers, research scientists and others, the patented FlowCAM automatically takes thousands of high resolution, digital images of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds, measures and characterizes each one based on up to 32 different parameters and saves them for analysis. With the addition of remote operation, the FlowCAM releases personnel to other tasks while samples are running to boost production efficiency and support facilities lacking in human resources. The remote operation capability may be retrofit on FlowCAM particle analyzers in the field.

For more information, contact Faith Baker, Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.; 65 Forest Falls Drive, Yarmouth, ME 04096; 207.846.6100.; Fax 207.846.6110;;

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