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Zwipe Biometrics Celebrates Stellar Results from Debut at ISC West

Press release date: April 10, 2014

OSLO, Norway -

Biometric Card Receives Security Industry Association Award

Zwipe, a global leader in biometric identity protection today announced its strong first showing at ISC West, where it also received a new product award from the Security Industry Association.

"We have been completely blown away by the interest shown to our products," said Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe. "As this was our first proper showing at a trade show, we were unsure what to expect. The reaction and feedback we have received far exceeded any expectations we had."

Traffic in the booth was heavy; with the majority of interested people having either already heard of the Zwipe product, or were told they must stop by and see it themselves. "We were repeatedly being told that everyone was talking about our product," said Bob Fee, Director of Sales for North America. "I have never before seen such a demand for a just launched product."

"The level of interest confirms for us that the Zwipe biometric card is indeed revolutionary," continued Humborstad. "Our product is disrupting the identity and access control industry, creating new markets and revenue streams for OEMs, distributors and integrators."

Because Zwipe's product has a fingerprint sensor on the card, the need to swap out readers to upgrade to a biometric system is eliminated. Working with all iClass, Prox, MIFARE Classic and DESFire EV1 readers, Zwipe enables the end-user to upgrade their security to biometric without the cost and downtime associated with replacing readers, while also maintaining the integrity of the users biometric information, which remains only on the card.

About Zwipe:

Founded in 2009, Zwipe is a fast growing company in the center of a quickly evolving industry. Zwipe has a strong portfolio of Patent Applications and is continually developing more.

The Zwipe Evolution is a wirelessly powered card with which you authenticate yourself not through something you know (pin code), but through something you are (your fingerprint). The card is based on a NFC (Near Field Communication) platform with no external database containing sensitive information, as the fingerprint data is only stored inside the Zwipe card. To learn more about Zwipe, please visit, or follow Zwipe on Twitter @zwipe.

Kim Kristian Humborstad


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