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Zettlex Expands IncOder Range

Everight Position Technologies Corp. - Narberth, PA

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Zettlex Expands IncOder Range

Press release date: March 20, 2014

Sensors company, Zettlex, has announced a massive expansion of its IncOder range which now offers more than 4 million product versions.  IncOders are high-precision, harsh environment angle encoders which use a unique inductive technology to enable a low height, large bore, bearingless sensor.  The form factor makes it easy for designers to accommodate through shafts, slip-rings, hydraulic pipes or electrical cables which can simply pass through the middle of the sensor.  The products are popular with equipment manufacturers and system integrators because high precision is achievable without fine installation tolerances and the need for environmental protection is minimal because the sensors are unaffected by most foreign matter.

As well as the existing range of absolute digital outputs, the expanded product range now includes A/B pulse outputs; electrically duplex formats; resolution choices from 1k to 4M counts per rev and analogue voltage outputs for all sizes from 25 to 200mm bore.  There is also an ‘extended range' of products aimed at the aerospace and defence sectors offering features such as extended burn-in testing, conductive surface finishes, -60 Celsius operating temperature and leaded solder.

Darran Kreit, Zettlex's Technical Director comments "During 2013, we exported IncOders to 30 countries and demand continues to increase.  We are expanding our production capacity in the UK and we have a number of new innovations in the pipeline which we will announce later in 2014."

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Everight Position is a company specializes in specifying non-contact sensor solutions to engineers across North America. Everight has personal and exclusive relationships with many of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers, and brings decades of experience to the table. We pride ourselves on fast and informative service and always place the highest emphasis on the needs of the end user.


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