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Zero Ground Clearance Ovens by Benko Products Can Be Safely Accessed with Pallet Jacks

Press release date: March 24, 2014

Benko Products, Inc., a leading innovator in industrial ovens, announces that SAHARA HOT BOX ZERO GROUND CLEARANCE OVENS can be conveniently accessed with a pallet jack.

Benko Products offers a complete line of drum and tote warming ovens that safely heat from one to thirty-two 55-gallon drums or one to eight totes. The Zero ground clearance option is ideal for areas where forklift use is not acceptable. The oven sits flush with the ground and features a metal plate floor so drums and totes can be easily moved in and out of the oven with a pallet jack. Any Sahara oven can be designed as zero ground clearance.

The Sahara ovens can be heated electrically or with steam, hot water or hot oil. Sahara Ovens are fully insulated, feature rugged steel construction and precise temperature control. Ovens are shipped completely assembled and tested for easy installation. Options include air circulation, exhaust capabilities, outdoor use package and are available in a variety of finishes.

Drum and tote warming ovens have become a popular choice in the industry as they offer the energy efficiency, fast and reliable heat up times and safety that other heating methods such as band heaters or large in-plant hot rooms cannot.

For more information on the Sahara Hot Room Model S24, contact Benko Products, Inc. at (440) 934-2180 or go to

About Benko Products, Inc.
Benko Products, Inc. is a privately held company based out of Sheffield Village, OH. Benko Products was founded in 1983 by pioneer John Benko, the inventor of the Sahara Hot Box drum warming oven. Benko’s leading product lines also include industrial batch ovens; G-RAFF safety platforms; mezzanine safety gates, chemical storage systems and the GREEN Access Fall Protection line offering gangways for tank trucks and rail cars as well as self-leveling stair applications.


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