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YTI Expands Focus on Building and Refurbishing Vacuum Systems

Press release date: August 4, 2014

Custom designs ensure targeted performance and optimal savings

YTI has announced plans to expand its sales focus on the manufacture and refurbishment of PVD (physical vapor deposition), CVD (chemical vapor deposition), and PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) vacuum systems. A full service vacuum systems company, YTI specializes in working closely with customers during construction or refurbishment phases, integrating customer-supplied equipment as requested to ensure design stability and cost savings.

YTI's systems are available in bell jars, box coaters, load-lock, in-line, and batch form and may be installed with a variety of sources, including electron beam, thermal, ion, and magnetron or diode cathodes (RF or DC). With extensive technical knowledge and access to state-of-the-art, in-house automation technology, YTI professionals design custom, equitable solutions for new and existing systems including those requiring exotic processing. Maximum pumping efficiency and superior uniformity and film parameters are built into each system.

Thirty years of hands-on expertise in vacuum technology enables YTI's engineers to accurately analyze customers' processes and recommend sound, efficient solutions that meet exact requirements and optimize price-to-performance ratio. The special combination of experience, equipment, and willingness to work closely with customers enables YTI to deliver notably low start-up costs, high through-put, and consistent product performance.

About YTI Vacuum Systems, Service, Engineering and Components
YTI was founded in 1984 as Yeagle Technology, Inc. in northeastern Connecticut, providing exceptional field service on vacuum equipment for the optical and semiconductor industries. Its services have expanded to include customizing existing vacuum equipment and construction of new custom systems. Today YTI offers a complete service facility handling everything from small desktop systems to large roll coaters.

A fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and service facility, and a staff of highly qualified, experienced and professional individuals make YTI a leader in custom vacuum systems, engineering, components, and around-the-clock service. The company services brands such as Polycold, Telemark, Leybold, MDC, Dektak and Stokes and provides installation, preventive maintenance and customized service contracts to meet the vacuum coating industry's range of equipment, facility, or application requirements. For more information, please contact YTI at (860) 429-1908 or visit the company website at


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