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XetaWave's Xeta9x Emancipator Series of Radios Interoperate Within a MDS(TM) TransNET(TM) Network

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XetaWave's Xeta9x Emancipator Series of Radios Interoperate Within a MDS(TM) TransNET(TM) Network

Press release date: July 10, 2014

Xeta9x Can Now Communicate with MDS™ TransNET Masters and Repeaters

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - XetaWave, a Colorado-based leader in wireless technology, today announced that its Xeta9x Emancipator series of 900-928 MHz radios can interoperate within a MDS™ TransNET™ network, specifically communicate with a 900 MHz MDS™ TransNET™ repeater or master. The lower cost Xeta9x can be implemented in place of legacy MDS™ TransNET™ radios with no interruption to the operation of the network. The higher performance of the Xeta9x offers MDS™ TransNET™ users a migration path to a technology platform that offers higher serial speeds and Ethernet capability. By comparison, the Xeta9x offers an over-the-air data rate of up to 2.6 Mbps, 20 times faster as compared to 115.2 kbps with a MDS™ TransNET™.

This new capability allows MDS™ TransNET™ users to selectively upgrade their networks to the Xeta9x for applications which require higher performance while still allowing the Xeta9x radios operating in MDS™ TransNET™ mode to communicate with existing MDS™ TransNET™ Masters. This enables customers to leverage their existing investment in legacy radios while taking advantage of the superior performance and capability of XetaWave radios. For data transfer applications, Xeta9x radios can be used to improve polling times, increase bandwidth to support video surveillance, enable distributed intelligence, among many other applications.

Jonathan Sawyer, XetaWave co-founder, CEO and CTO commented, "XetaWave's software defined radio (SDR) technology provides a platform for us to emulate any waveform or protocol available within the market. Based on the success of emulating a MDS™ TransNET™, we are currently working to make our radios compatible with other manufacturers to provide customers with the ultimate flexibility and greatest return on investment."

This is the latest technological breakthrough for XetaWave. Other recent technology advancements include Seamless Serial which allows serial radios to transmit data within an Ethernet network; MultiSpeed MultiPoint™ which enables radios with different data speeds and modulation speeds to coexist within the same network; and MultiMaster Sync for serial and Ethernet radios which allows multiple masters to be co-located with each other without interference. 

The Xeta9x with MDS™ TransNET™ interoperability is available for beta today to qualified customers.

About XetaWave
Founded in 2010, XetaWave is developing the industry's most advanced, high performing, cost effective platform of software defined radios across multiple bands to meet the worldwide application needs of industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, and the military. The current platform of XetaWave radios includes Xeta1 (150-232 MHz), Xeta2 (216-232 MHz), Xeta3 (VHF/UHF 225-380 MHz), Xeta4 (406-512 MHz) - full duplex, Xeta9 (902-960 MHz), Xeta9-XX Double X (902-960 MHz) offering speeds up to 8.8 Mbps, and Xeta24 (2.4 GHz). All XetaWave radios are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado. For more information, visit or call 303-449-1313.


Contact: Kim Sawyer,, 303-884-9157

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