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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Visit Signicast

Press release date: January 24, 2014

Hartford, WI– As part of the “Brown Bag” tour, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will visit Signicast’s newest manufacturing facility, Module 7, on Monday, February 3. During the tour, Signicast — the global leader for commercial investment castings — will feature its commitment to unparalleled quality and on-time delivery, plus innovation, automation and manufacturing excellence.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing Signicast during Governor Walker’s visit,” says Todd McDonald, Signicast CEO and President. “We have something special happening here with our latest expansion and recent growth. At the same time, we’re facing fierce competition from low-cost foreign competitors. It’s important for our government to understand how their actions can make us less competitive and ultimately inhibit our growth.”

According to McDonald, taxes and regulations imposed on US manufacturers make it nearly impossible to compete on price with low-cost countries. “Any help we can get from the government to ease the burden of taxes and regulations can make us more competitive worldwide,” adds McDonald.

Signicast’s continuous growth philosophy and dedication to providing customers a quality product on time necessitated the need to expand. In May 2011, the company announced plans to expand its Hartford Complex with the purchase of 52 acres and an initial $50 million investment through 2013. This first expansion phase included two separate production facilities and a skywalk connecting the new facilities with the legacy sites. Module 7, Signicast’s largest manufacturing facility at 110,890 sq. ft., is on target to be operational first quarter 2014.

With the facility expansion and continued company growth, Signicast has hired more than 200 new employees since 2012 and is currently hiring an additional 100 people to fill various positions within the manufacturing, engineering, IT/automation, maintenance, and tooling departments.

About Signicast:

Signicast has been a leader in investment casting since 1959, operating seven facilities in Hartford, WI, and one in Brown Deer, WI. Serving more than 500 customers, Signicast employs over 830 employees. The company utilizes low alloy, carbon, stainless, and nickel base steels to manufacture commercial grade investment castings across a diverse marketplace. With its proprietary technologies and fast-cycle times, Signicast is one of the world’s most innovative and automated commercial investment casters. Dedicated to refining its successful business model practices, Signicast stands as a testament to ingenuity in American manufacturing by utilizing the latest technology, continuous flow manufacturing, true just-in-time delivery, and 24/7 operations. (


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