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Valcor's Line of Air Pilot Solenoid Valves

Press release date: May 27, 2014

Valcor Nuclear Air Pilot Solenoid Valves are nuclear qualified valves with standard brass bodies and are available in a wide range of voltages and flow capacities. These valves are IEEE 323, 344 382 qualified for use inside containment.

Coil Insulation – Class H (min) Rated for 220C (428F)
ASME Section III, Classes 1, 2 and 3
Continuous duty cycle without any cool down period
Valve ratings – ANSI class 150 to 2500
Radiation resistance: Standard: 210*8 rads

These air pilot solenoid valves are used as pilot operators for Air Operated Valves (AOVs) used in nuclear power plants. In a typical application, these air pilot valves feed and exhaust air pressure to the air actuator of the process valve (AOV) thus opening or closing the process valve.

Unlike other air pilot valves in the industry, Valcor’s line valves are designed and qualified specifically for use in nuclear applications. For example, during LOCA testing, the vent port of the Valcor valves are open and exposed to the LOCA chamber, thus replicating the as installed conditions inside containment. The valve internals were exposed to the high temperature/pressure steam and chemical sprays. Additionally, the seismic testing was performed with the Valcor air pilot valve mounted to simulate the as installed condition on the AOV and to qualify for excitation resulting from main valve discharge such as PORV.

Valcor’s line of Air Pilot Valves are currently installed in many PWR, BWR and CANDU nuclear power plants. The rugged constructions and fully qualified designs are field proven reliable for numerous nuclear applications. Click here to fill out an application for nuclear solenoid valves.


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