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Universal Engineering and Devlieg Microbore Products are Back in Production

Press release date: February 15, 2006

Saginaw, Michigan, February 15, 2006 Universal Engineering tool holders, DeVlieg Microbore boring tool products and the Microset tool presetter product lines are available and in-production again under a new company called Universal/DeVlieg Microbore LLC, it is announced by Lee Flick, the newly-named General Manager. Mr. Flick explained, " After the New DeVlieg Bullard II filed for bankruptcy in 2005, the Mistequay Group of Companies, headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, purchased the intellectual property and the $4 million inventory of the former Tooling Systems Division of DeVlieg Bullard, Inc. This included all the Universal Engineering products including all the Kwik-Switch spindle and tool holder shank designs, as well as all the Acura-Flex, Acura-Grip, Acura-Mill and Acura-Tap collet style tool holder systems. The purchase also included all of the Gear Adjust Microbore, Twinbore, and Tribore rough and finish boring tools as well as the Mod-Flex(TM) system of interchangeable modular tooling." "In addition," Mr. Flick said, "The sales and service agreement that the Tooling Systems Division originally performed, for the DMG Microset GmbH line of manual and CNC presetters and tool-management systems, has been re-established at Universal/DeVlieg Microbore." Flick added, "Currently, all of the standard and special tool holder products are in inventory, or in-production for inventory, and should be complete by the end of April, 2006. New Universal/DeVlieg Microbore catalogs, price lists and data sheets will be available too." The Universal Engineering products now available include: o Acura Collet Systems o ER Collet Systems o CNC Tool Holder Systems including HSK o Kwik-Swithch II Spindles o Max-FloatFloating Tap Holders o Quick change Tapping Systems o Shrink-Fit Tool Holders o All Types of Special Tool Holder designs o The DeVlieg Micorbore products now available include: o DeVlieg Microbore Addjustable Boring Systems o Mod-Flex(TM) Modular Tooling Systems o GA Gear Adjust Boring Systems o Twinbore and Tribore Rough Boring Tools o All Types of Special Designs The Microset products now available include: o Vertical and Horizontal Tool Presetters o Adapters and Accessories o Vision Tool Inspection o Tool Management Systems o Service and Calibration o Service, Parts and Manuals for New and Older DeVlieg/Gildemiester Presetters Mr. Flick emphasized, " We are fortunate that the high-quality reputation of the Universal and DeVlieg Microbore tooling products is still prevalent in the marketplace. We have spent a good deal of time and energy establishing the level and range of our core products and our confident they meet the current metalworking industry needs. In addition, the human aspects of our doing business have been enhanced by our ability to bring back to the company a number of highly-experienced Universal Engineering and DeVlieg Microbore engineers, manufacturing and service personnel who know the products, our customers and the markets. With this kind of "jump start", we have been able to put in place an on-going product development program, in a wide range of product areas, that will help us respond to the changing demands by our customers for quick-change tool holders and related tooling products. Lee Flick, the new General Manager, comes to Universal/DeVlieg Microbore from T.M. Smith Tool Company where for the past six years he had been the director of engineering and manufacturing. Prior to that time Mr. Flick had been a senior tool holder designer, for thirteen years, at the former Tooling Systems Division of DeVlieg Bullard Inc. Universal/DeVlieg Microbore LLC is part of the Saginaw, Michigan-based Mistequay Group, a manufacturer of aerospace and automotive components with over 150 employees located in three facilities in North America and one in Pakistan. For Further Editorial Information: Allan G. Hall, Hall Industrial Publicity, Inc. 1261 Romney Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Tel: (248) 705-8272 Fax: (248) 645-0906 248) 645-0906 Send all Inquiries to: Lee Flick, Universal/DeVlieg Microbore 1156 North Niagara Street Saginaw, Michigan 48605 Tel: (989) 752-7700 Fax: (989) 753-9199


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